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UNC employs more than 9,500 student employees in a wide variety of on-campus jobs each year. Below you will find information on how and where to find available student employee job opportunities at UNC. Before you start applying, make sure you are eligible to work as a student employee at UNC.

There are numerous and endless opportunities for students to find a job on-campus. As you begin your job search, keep in mind that each school, unit, or organization on-campus has their own way of advertising available jobs for students. Departments that rely heavily on student employees typically maintain job boards where you can explore and apply to open positions. Departments that routinely employ students on-campus include:

University Career Services also offers information and resources for students seeking on-campus and part-time employment opportunities. Recently, University Career Services launched Handshake, a new online portal where students can explore job and internship postings, as well as details about on-campus recruiting, career fairs, workshops and employer contact information and more. Students can also visit UCS Part-Time Employment for additional information or to make an appointment with the Job Location Development Coordinator who can assist in the search for student employment opportunities on and around campus.

In addition to those departments that routinely employ students, many positions, typically research positions, are filled at the School or department level via email listservs, flyers, or word of mouth. If you wish to work for a specific School or Unit it is a good idea to contact them directly about available jobs.

Graduate students – including students in Master’s, Ph.D., and Professional programs – can also hold academic positions. Common academic positions include Graduate Research Assistants and Graduate Teaching Assistants. Academic positions are funded by departments and the University’s research institutes and centers. The primary difference between academic positions and other types of positions is that you may not be required to log hours worked at the start and end of each shift, and you will receive a paycheck, or stipend, monthly.

If you are a graduate student seeking an academic position, you should begin looking for a job well before the start of the semester. Check with the graduate advisor or graduate coordinator in your home department, or another department in which you want to work about open positions. Visit The Graduate School for more information on academic positions for graduate students.

If you are an undergraduate student seeking an academic position, contact the department where you’d like to work or visit The Office of Undergraduate Research which offers a database of available positions for students interested in research.

Work-Study is a federal program offered through the U.S. Department of Education that provides eligible students the chance to earn college funds by working a part-time job on campus or in community service agencies. Visit the Office of Scholarship and Financial Aid for more information on Work-Study eligibility and requirements.

Visit the UNC Work-Study JobX website to view available work-study positions. Please note that only students with Federal Work-Study and Carolina Works awards are eligible to participate in the positions offered on this website.