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The following checklist can help you navigate the first days and weeks as a new student employee with UNC. If you are a graduate student working in an academic positionĀ or an international student, please note the additional steps at the end of the checklist.

On or Before Your First Day

  • OneCard: If you are a current UNC student, you should already have a OneCard. If you are a non-UNC student or require additional information, visit the UNC One Card Office.
  • Getting to Work: If you have questions about how to get to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, visit Transportation and Parking. Contact your supervisor with questions regarding the specific location of your new job.
  • Form I-9: You must complete Form I-9 on or before your first day of work. Please note that unless you have completed a Form I-9 AND had your documents verified by a hiring representative, you are not permitted to work or receive a paycheck. Visit Onboarding for more information.
  • Direct Deposit: You must set up or update your direct deposit information in ConnectCarolina. Visit Onboarding for more information.
  • Forms NC-4 and W-4: You must complete all tax forms in ConnectCarolina. Visit Onboarding for more information.

Your First Week

Graduate Students in Academic Positions

If you are a graduate student working in anĀ academic position (i.e., Graduate Research Assistant, Graduate Teaching Assistant) you may be eligible for health insurance and tuition remission benefits as a condition of your employment with UNC. Visit Benefits Eligibility for more information.

International Students

If you are an international student, review the International Student Employment Guide for more information.