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In order to receive a paycheck, student employees must log hour in the Time Information Management System or TIM, UNC’s official time capturing system used to track time worked and calculate paychecks. As a student employee supervisor, you are responsible for verifying the accuracy of, making adjustments, and approving student employee timecards in TIM in order for them to receive a paycheck.

In order to verify the accuracy of and approve a student employee’s timecard, supervisors must be aware of when student employees are working. To verify, adjust, and approve student employee time worked in TIM,

TIM can be accessed via a direct link or through the Self Service homepage in ConnectCarolina. You will need to log in using your UNC Onyen and password. Visit Payroll Services for more information on the role and responsibilities of student employee supervisors serving as TIM Managers and to access the TIM Manual for TIM Managers and Administrators.