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The following checklists can help you navigate the hiring process, first days and weeks as a student employee supervisor.

When You Decide to Hire a Student

  • Contact Your Hiring Representative: Once you decide to hire a student employee or identify a student you would like to hire, the following information will need to be submitted to your hiring representative: start and end date, pay rate (hourly or salary), job title, job classification (i.e., SHRA or EHRA), funding source (i.e., chartfield string), supervisor name, TIM approver name, student’s legal name, student’s UNC PID, student’s email address, phone number, and work address.
  • Background Check: Most student employees do not require a background check unless they fall into certain categories. For example, student employees who work with minors or in residential programs will require a background check. However, if a background check is required, work with your hiring representative to notify the student and initiate the background check.
  • Form I-9: Verify with the appropriate hiring representative that the student employee has complete Section 1 and Section 2 of Form I-9 within three days of the date of hire. Contact your hiring representative immediately if you have a student employee working that has not completed Form I-9.
  • Accessibility Resources: If the student you want to hire is disabled and self-discloses any accommodations they will need, work with the Equal Opportunity and Compliance Office and the Office of Student Affairs Accessibility Resources and Services to ensure that the accommodations are reasonable and can be met by the university.

On or Before a Student’s First Day

  • Direct the student to the New Student Employee Checklist.
  • Verify that the student has completed Section 1 and Section 2 of Form I-9 within three days of the date of hire. Please note that students must complete Form I-9 before they can work or receive a paycheck.
  • Remind the student to complete all other required forms including setting up or updating direct deposit information, Form W-4, Form NC-4, and any other tax or work authorization forms.
  • Ensure the student knows where to report to on their first day of work, and that they have access to all necessary key card or badge terminals, web systems, etc.
  • Ensure the student knows the dress code and schedule for their first day of work.

During a Student’s First Week

  • Schedule a meeting with the student to discuss the following:

      • Job responsibilities and expectations. Provide any written guidelines, instructions, or manuals that may apply to the job.
      • Work schedule and weekly hours
      • Logging and approving hours worked in TIM
      • Remind the student that they are expected to abide by the University Honor Code. Violations of the honor code could result in termination.
  • If applicable to the job, provide the student with a copy or link to the Patent and Invention Policy.
  • Ensure the student completes all compliance and safety training required for the job or by UNC.