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Once a student employee is hired, it is best practice that you check InfoPorte to validate earnings and deductions the next working day after the payroll lockout. This is particularly important when dealing with new hires, changes to salary, etc., and can prevent things such as pay discrepancies from occurring down the road.

To validate a student employee’s payroll, log in to InfoPorte and complete the following steps:

    • Navigate to the HR tab
    • Select the Payroll tab
    • Select the Prelim Report tab
    • Enter the appropriate pay dates in the space provided
    • Enter the student employee’s name in the space provided

Visit the ConnectCarolina Quick Reference Guide to HR/Payroll Reporting for more information about running and understanding the report. If you do not have access to InfoPorte, you can reach out to the InfoPorte Administrator in your department to run the report and validate that any HR actions you processed for the last payroll cycle executed successfully and showed up correctly on the student employee’s paycheck.

The classification of a student employee’s job determines how often they will receive a paycheck. Typically, jobs that are classified as SHRA receive a paycheck biweekly, and jobs that are classified as EHRA receive a paycheck monthly. Visit Payroll Services to access pay date calendars for SHRA, EHRA, and Summer positions.